Thursday, March 5, 2009


The chicklets are a group of all girl's who do service for others. Example: Our first act of service was in Hawaii, Three Chicklets , Caroline,Grace and I, bought presents for all of the other Chicklets. Then, we ding-dong-ditched them off at there hotel rooms.

The Chicklet Members:

Presedents: Mandy Clegg and G-Dawg

V.P. 's : Cate Clegg and Caroline Parry

Service Spy Teem:

  1. Madeline Davis
  2. Sydney Davis
  3. Olivia Davis
  4. Sawyer Davis
  5. Kari Davis
  6. Hanne Davis
  7. Sophia Clegg
  8. Grace Clegg / V.P. Assistant

Chicklet Teem Supporters:

  1. Jennifer Davis
  2. Kim Davis
  3. Becky Parry
  4. Celeste Davis
  5. Mandy Davis
  6. G-Dawg